DRS Update

This past weekend was my first advanced level competition in 19 years and DRS’s first attempt. We have been so excited how his fitness, soundness, rideablity and plan had been working…Until it didn’t.

DRS “tied up” on Saturday. The scientific name for tying up is “rhabdomyolysis,” which simply translated means muscle (myo) breakdown (lysis). The causes are several but the result is the same, muscle cramping. This is our fear running a horse with PSSM1 (Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy) at this level and what we are constantly trying to prevent.

The constant conversation we have with colleges, vets, friends and in our hearts just got more difficult.

DRS tries so hard and communicates his feelings and emotions the best he can. He is my bud, the most talented horse I have ridden and he makes me feel safe. I asked him to do a […]